10 Hour Free Project Evaluation

The majority of potential projects can be evaluated for free by EngaTech due to our well stocked Machine Vision labs. We start by reviewing your machine vision systems requirements and determine which technology will best meet your needs.

For successful system integration we require certain detailed information to allow us to commit to a fixed schedule and price:

  • System requirements such as discrete inspections, dimensional gauging, calibration, and user interface.
  • I/O requirements such as trigger acquisition, results reporting (discrete, serial, Ethernet), PLC communication.
  • Additional communications or statistical reporting to hard disk or database.
  • Performance requirements such as speed, reject rates, accuracy, precision and repeatability.
  • Special deliverables which may include documentation, training and installation schedule.
Next we would require some product samples sent to our Richmond or Raleigh office (if possible) so that we can verify the feasibility of the project. In our lab we acquire images of the product under different lighting conditions to determine the best approach.

From there we provide an estimate for the scope of work in terms of schedule and price with a formal proposal.

Select the industry that best describes your corporation.

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Vision Systems Integrator
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automation integrator machine vision
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