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  • EngaTech Integrates Cognex VisionPro with Adept Quattro Robot

    EngaTech developed a proof of concept system for an ink cartridge sorting center that identifies 40 unique products, and with an Adept Quattro robot, picks and places the parts into various sorting bins.

    The system has recently been upgraded to run in a 64-bit environment and MS Parallel Processing Library so that in the future the system will have the capability of identifying a total of 120 unique products.

    The Cognex vision system communicates directly with the Adept ACE environment and together provides calibration and part tracking.

  • VisionPro 7

    Cognex has released VisionPro 7 with full 64-bit support.

    32-bit applications are limited to 2 GB of working memory; some applications easily exhaust the 2 gigabyte memory limit allowed on 32-bit operating systems. For applications that require more than 2 gigabytes of runtime memory, using a 64-bit operating system is recommended.

    Line scan cameras can easy acquire very large images. For example, 8K wide by 20K high images are not uncommon. This is 160 MB for grayscale images and 3 times that size for a true color RGB line scan image!

    This feature will also increase the ceiling for the number of pattern matching PatMax classifiers that the system can utilize. This is great for pick and place robotic systems where a Cognex Vision Pro system identifies a large number of unique products for sorting.

  • 5 Megapixel Self-Contained Vision System

    The In-Sight 5605 is a high-resolution (5 megapixel), self-contained vision system offering unprecedented power and flexibility for applications that require visualization of very small defects, even in a large field of view.

    The In-Sight 5605 offers the widest range of features and advantages available in a high-resolution vision system, including full 5.0 megapixel resolution, support for Gigabit Ethernet communication, IP67 rating to withstand dust and wash down, plus a full library of high-performance Cognex vision tools for easily application setup and reliable performance.


EngaTech Inc. serves medical device, pharmaceutical, automation integrators, machine builders, manufacturing and packaging companies resolve or prevent production and quality control issues with automated inspection systems.

We enjoy working with clients that believe a job worth doing, is worth doing right, but have the sensibility that the rest of the world doesn't work that way. EngaTech is here to help such clients achieve those high standards with a price that is cost effective to all stake holders in the project.

EngaTech has been implementing Cognex-based machine vision solutions for over 10 years and continues to maintain the prestige status of Cognex Partner System Integrators (PSI).

We can provide machine vision systems integration, consulting, or full turnkey automation solutions with our machine builder and automation partners.

Currently we are serving Virginia and North Carolina through our Richmond and Raleigh offices, but we have systems installed up and down the east coast, mid-west and California.

Please check out our portfolio for descriptions on some of the solutions we have provided.

If you feel that you have a quality control or manufacturing issue that can be resolved with machine vision technology, send us your part for a free 10 hour evaluation.

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Last Update: February 19, 2012

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